Ernie and the Holy Bees


4 responses to “Ernie and the Holy Bees”

  1. Very good Ernie! Sadly the Cathedral said we could not keep bees on their roof, so my hive is with a friend in her garden in Stockwell and claim to be unholy…
    Who is the other person with Ernie?

  2. I enjoyed watching this clip of Anne and Ernie. In fact I have not met Ernie, but now feel as if I have. Sybil mentions the trip by Ape undertaken by James and the forecast of snow in Scotland. How funny that at the end of the trip we all cycled to Brighton and had the most glorious weather. From winter to summer in a few days. Also I recall thinking at the time how much more fun to cycle from London to Brighton than to drive across the UK. But I am not that keen on driving of course.

  3. How lovely to see this and to hear Sybil’s voice after all this time, as well as Anne and Ernie. James successfully completed the ride and raised well over his target of �5,000. RIP Sybil June 1st 2021

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