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  • Apologies

    Dear Friends of Sybil Please accept my apologies for the deluge of mail that arrived yesterday. I was pretty mortified as you can imagine, not least because I think it was either unclear or impossible to unsubscribe, possibly both. By way of penance I've switched to mailchimp which is the list manager of choice for […]

  • Gorge St Pierre with Barbara & Benny

  • 18th Century version of Galton family

    The Sharp family, 1779-81.

  • 6 Photos

    Christine &Ruud's present   visit from Murach' cat   Thomas doucet, son of Bruno   Joseph son of Valerie and Jean-Marc Doucet   Nine cellos playing   Jean-Marc, Valerie & children  

  • Pastry. My considered recipe.

    My considered recipe for pastry Flour 9 oz. Butter non salted 5 oz. I egg 2 Desert spoons cold water. Use plain white flour. English flour does not need sieving. Leave butter out of fridge until it is not vry hard. Mix butter into flour in food processor until it is the proverbial bread crumbs. […]

  • Family

  • Simon 50

    Simon 50 from Tom Coady on Vimeo. Pete’s amazing Panorama

  • 1945 Diary continued

    Peter thinks the present committee is a good one and JG is an excellent man but he has not quite enough initiative. Apparently some people have been saying that Peter wanted all the power in the Club and have not appreciated all his work. too bad! Peter really has been splendid giving every thing for […]

  • My diary from 1945

    April 23 The feast of St. George Bernice and I are both starting diaries. I think that as we learn history to find other mens’ experience it is useful to record one’s own personal experience and emotions for future reference, for later on when we contemplate our lives we will remember only outstanding events, smaller […]

  • Pinter

    Norma lent me Antonia Fraser’s book “Must you go?,” recently book of the week on radio 4, the story of her marriage to Harold Pinter. As I read it I remembered some distant connections with my life. Antonia was the daughter of Lord Longford, celebrated as a visitor of prisoners notably Myra Hindley. Dr. Eric […]