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  • Childbirth

    Childbirth In the 21st Century childbirth is safe and uncomplicated in the majority of cases, medical care is good so that early problems are mostly overcome .If the mother cannot breast-feed good substitute dried milk is available. In the 18th Century parents could have no confidence that their children could be born safely and thrive. […]

  • Sybil’s Dodgy Dossier

    Correspondence between number 10, FCO and MP: Dodgy Dossier Approximate text (from OCR scan): JIM DOWD MP Lewisham West Mrs Sybil Coady 111 London Road Forest Hill LONDON SE233XW HOUSE OF COMMONS LONDON SWIA OAA 02072194617 020 7219 2686 (Fax) 26 March 2002 Thank you for your recent letter regarding the Prime Minister’s approach to […]

  • Ernie and the Holy Bees

  • St Michel 26 October 2010

    B&B Heckenroth   Cellar repairs   Chantal Hecenroth B&B   IMG_1794   Place du Serre   Snow from car park   Snow mountains   snowy mountains from St. Michel  

  • Claire Rayner Obit.

    Claire Rayner was a nurse in the Royal Northern Hospital when Tony and Eric were doctors there. She and her husband lived in Cecil Road Muswell Hill as well as us. So they became friends.This was in 1960. We had outgrown our flat and needed to buy a house. One days the Rayners came round and said […]

  • Autumn in garden of James and Chantal

  • University of Manchester Scientists win Nobel Prize for Physics

     University of Manchester scientists win the Nobel Prize for Physics Coup for UK Physics, as two University of Manchester scientists are awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for their discovery of graphene. Professor Andre Geim and Professor Konstantin Novoselov have been awarded the highest accolade in the scientific world for their pioneering work with the […]

  • October Photos

    Strange e mail   Veg, bought in Sunday market   Veg bougth sunday market   notive on Mairie glass door   Computer pamphlet left in post box   Reverse side pamphlet Tom Notice they say very reasonable prices and ask for E400 for creating web site.  

  • Emily's first day at college

  • Apologies

    Dear *|FNAME|* Please accept my apologies for the deluge of mail that arrived yesterday. I was pretty mortified as you can imagine, not least because I think it was either unclear or impossible to unsubscribe, possibly both. By way of penance I've switched to mailchimp which is the list manager of choice for geeks. At some […]