Author: Thomas Coady


    Fr. Riley’s “Cathedral Parish Church,” his wonderful carillon of bells and the incidental publicity which both have evoked, must not permit us to forget that in St. Helens is also the active, well-served parish of Holy Cross, in which Fr. Bateman worked from 1911 to the day of his death in 1928. To-day we associate […]

  • 1939-1944 A little girl in Paris

    I was 6 years old in 1939. My father was mobilized and I stayed home with my mother and my brother who was 1 year old. We received gas masks and we were allocated a shelter because our house had no cellar. But life went on as far as I was concerned as usual… I […]

  • 1952 Retirement in Park road.

    From January 1952 until July 1953 I lived in Austria. from the letters which I received at this time I have a good picture of my parents’ life in Park Road, Pendleton. On Tuesday 15 January my Mother wrote she was practicing an hour a day. On Monday she had been to Accrington for a […]

  • Davies / Patrick timeline

    Thomas Davies family search Earlier The Davies may have run B&B at Sutton house ? is this the davies that he later marries? 1821 Thomas Davies christening: 3 February 1822 Whitchurch, Shroshire, England birth: Weston, Shropshire, England. father: William Davies, mother: Elizth 1881 census: Billingsley, Shropshire, England spouse: Eliza Davies, children: Matilda Davies, Cecil Davies, […]

  • Sutton House

    BACKGROUND AND PRECIS Sutton house and 25 Acres bought by James Patrick (retired Police Inspector) about 1909. 1933 Laura his daughter leaves Sutton house with her husband and children both born in Sutton House. 74 yr old George Breakwell ‘befriends’ James Patrick in 1935. In 1936 Breakwells move in with Mr Patrick. In 1935 Mr […]

  • Same perspective, no tree

  • Paleolithic cave paintings at Lascaux

    A story for today which links past and present. Today I heard on France Culture a programme about Lascaux and it set me thinking. In 1949 I was teaching history to a class of 11 year olds in Paddock House Grammar school, Oswald twistle ( the very name of the place is redolent of English […]

  • Tony 1973 Letter

  • April 23 The feast of St. George

    April 23 The feast of St. George Bernice and I are both starting diaries. I think that as we learn history to find other mens’ experience it is useful to record one’s own personal experience and emotions for future reference, for later on when we contemplate our lives we will remember only outstanding events, smaller […]

  • Millie & Andy make BBC news for school