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  • Travels with Tony 1958-1973

    (Anne Rieber insisted that I should write this record) In 1957 we were a small family living in London in Cecil Road, Muswell Hill. We were content to be there. Tony was working as a Senior Registrar at the Royal Northern Hospital. He had succeeded in the exam to become a member of the Royal […]

  • The Yawn

    I sat on the bench to wait for the 185 bus. One lady sat there already and yawned. She smiled and said Sorry. “Life is hard” I replied. “No its not that, its because I stayed awake painting 5 pictures last night.” “Wonderful” I replied. She fished in her brief case and pulled out a […]

  • Laura

  • Childbirth

    Childbirth In the 21st Century childbirth is safe and uncomplicated in the majority of cases, medical care is good so that early problems are mostly overcome .If the mother cannot breast-feed good substitute dried milk is available. In the 18th Century parents could have no confidence that their children could be born safely and thrive. […]

  • Chocolate

    The first printed evidence we have of Chocolate being used in London is in the notice in the Public Advertiser in 1657: In Bishopsgate St is an excellent West India drink called chocolate to be sold, where you may have it ready at any time, and also unmade at reasonable rates. By the end of […]

  • Smuggling and Customs Officers

    Smuggling is a crime with an unusual status. Although most crimes are abhorred by the middle classes smuggling was the exception which for reasons of economy and presumably of enjoying the thrill of taking a risk was regarded by them as the exception to their usual stance of not supporting illegal activities. The temptation was […]

  • The Army

    Few aspects of modern life are more different than the conditions endured by soldiers in the 18th century army. Our soldiers today still fight, endure wounds, amputations and death but their conditions of service are so much better that they would be astonished if they read the accounts left by their ancestors who fought in […]

  • Ernie and the Holy Bees

  • St Michel 26 October 2010

    B&B Heckenroth   Cellar repairs   Chantal Hecenroth B&B   IMG_1794   Place du Serre   Snow from car park   Snow mountains   snowy mountains from St. Michel  

  • Claire Rayner Obit.

    Claire Rayner was a nurse in the Royal Northern Hospital when Tony and Eric were doctors there. She and her husband lived in Cecil Road Muswell Hill as well as us. So they became friends.This was in 1960. We had outgrown our flat and needed to buy a house. One days the Rayners came round and said […]